Transportes cabrera

The second and third generation of the Cabrera family are working in Transportes Cabrera, with over 55 years of experience in providing a great land transport service both nationally and internationally.




Full loads from Spain to Europe, mainly to Scandinavia and Northern Germany



Full import shipments. We transport perishable, non-perishable and ADR products, from the Scandinavian countries, Northern Germany and the Netherlands to France and Spain



Full loads with perishable, non-perishable products and ADR from northern Spain, Catalonia and Madrid to Andalusia and Levante


We are carriers specialized in national and international refrigerated full load transport from Spain to Europe, mainly to Scandinavia and northern Germany. Our commitment is based on the collaboration and trust at all times towards our client. We also have several certificates that support us in our commitment to carry out a good transport, such as IFS LOGISTICS and the GDP (Good Distribution Produce) certificate.

We speak?


Transportes Cabrera is a family business founded in 1966 by Salvador Cabrera. Transportes Cabrera is located in Huércal-Overa (Almería), immersed in the heart of the exploitation of fruits and vegetables of Europe.

A company that was founded with much effort and with the difficulties of that time, working from an office located in the basement of the family´s home, which little by Little over the years has achieved an important fleet of refrigerated trucks, becoming a large company in the road transport sector.

Currently, the second and third generation of the Cabrera family is working at Transportes Cabrera. More than 50 years of experience guarantee us,  offering a great service of land transport both nationally and internationally.



We have a modern fleet of 200 own refrigerated trucks which are renewed every year and with full availability at any time. All trucks are equipped with GPS, thermograph systems, bi-temperature transport, and equipped for ADR transport and medication transport.


In Transportes Cabrera you can find a team of highly qualified professionals who have the most advanced control and goods management systems, striving every day to solve the transportation needs that may arise at any time to our customers and being available 24 hours a day for them.

We work to make a modern, efficient and reliable transport real and,  which is more important, for creating a direct contact with all our professionals, from management to client, from traffic to client and from administration to client.


Our offices are located in Huércal-Overa (Almería)

  • Truck repair service
  • Fuel pumps

  • Laundry

  • Truck parking


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